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Academic Excellence Exchange

The Academic Excellence Exchange is a forum led by the Centre for Academic Practice Enhancement (CAPE) providing the opportunity for all colleagues engaged in learning, teaching and research to showcase inspiring, innovative and effective practices.

This year CAPE is driving enhancement of teaching practices through a series of Learning and Teaching Research and Scholarship Grants (details here).The year’s Academic Excellence Exchange programme will therefore be informed by the projects successful through this scheme.

The titles of the eight successful projects are listed below:
  1. Lost luggage
  2. Concepts brought to life: using mobile digital photography to enrich students’ theoretical understanding
  3. SLR tool
  4. Enhancing student engagement through peer mentoring for outbound exchange students at Middlesex
  5. An investigation into the dialectic of academic teaching identity and student engagement: a phenomenological investigation
  6. Will free open social learning enhance or hinder the effectiveness of ECG (electrocardiography) analysis learning?
  7. Living laboratories
  8. ‘Face -to-face’: project pitching to TV industry professionals

More info here

Below are titles of the sessions that ran in 2014/15.
The videos from the sessions from 2014/15 together with accompanying slides, resources and photos are available for staff to view on the CAPE Staff development Portal (this requires a staff log-in).


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