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Projects and Collaborations

Members of the CAPE team are involved in a number of collaborative projects with both internal and external partners, some of which are described briefly in this section.
If you would like to find out more about our most recent projects, please click on the right hand side menu or the project you are interested in from the list below.

Examples of projects undertaken in recent years include the following:

Middlesex UKPSF Recognition Scheme (MURS)
From September 2015 Middlesex University UKPSF Recognition Scheme (MURS) is approved to award Fellowship at all four categories via a CPD route Associate Fellow (D1), Fellow (D2), Senior Fellow (D3), Principal Fellow (D4). This compliments the taught route via the Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education which maps to Associate Fellow (D1) and Fellow (D2).Read more.

Learning and Teaching Research and Scholarship Grants
This year CAPE is driving enhancement of University teaching practices through a series of Learning and Teaching Research and Scholarship Grants, normally of £4,000–£10,000, for the purpose of evaluating developing practice in one of three aspects of learning and teaching provision: Innovative Pedagogy, Student Engagement, Digital Literacy. Read more

Programme Consultation Team (toolkit development) – Asanka Dayananda and Tarek Zoubir (CAPE)
The Programme Consultation Team (PCT) is made up of members of CAPE, other services, academics and student consultants across University Schools.
Team members collaborate on a Wiki (online collaborative tool) to highlight and share the support their service/School provides for the development and enhancement of programmes in accordance with KPIs, NSS categories and other relevant criteria.Read more

Digital Literacies at Middlesex University – Phil Barter (Middlesex Teaching Fellow), Tarek Zoubir and Kirsteen Macdonald (CAPE)
The aim of this project is to promote digital literacies for teaching and learning among staff and students. The challenge is that many technological tools that are readily available have not been designed for higher education but there is an increasing expectation for staff and students to use them to share content, support learners and for inter-institution collaboration. Read more.

The CAPE Research Group – John Parkinson, Tarek Zoubir, Asanka Dayananda and Angus Macdonald (CAPE)
The CAPE Research Group consists of four CAPE members with the potential to accommodate more colleagues as projects develop. The Research Group has completed a literature review around the topic of retention and progression within higher education. Read more.

Co-operative Learning and Action Networking Project – Paul Haywood (Middlesex School of Art & Design), John Parkinson (CAPE) and colleagues from Salford University and TUC Union Learn
The CLAN project is a sector-wide, cross-institutional IT innovation initiative with an Open Learning ethos at its heart. Led by A&D Deputy Dean Professor Paul Haywood, the project group is comprised of colleagues from Middlesex University (CAPE and A&D teaching colleagues), Salford University and TUC Union Learn. Read more.

CAPE Staff Development Portal
The CAPE Staff Development Portal was created to bring together several activities and initiatives that the department offers such as staff development provision (information about online workshops, including a booking option and resources database). Read more

Current Projects
Middlesex UKPSF Recognition Scheme (MURS)
Learning and Teaching Research and Scholarship Grants
Programme Consultation Team (toolkit development)
Digital Literacies at Middlesex University
The CAPE Research Group
Co-operative Learning and Action Networking Project
CAPE Staff Development Portal
Evaluating the impact of a pedagogical intervention to address LGBTQ diversity in the social work curriculum
Digital Badges for key nursing skills
Bridging Materials