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CAPE Staff Development Portal

The CAPE Staff Development Portal was created to bring together several activities and initiatives that the department offers such as staff development provision (information about online workshops, including a booking option and resources database). Also included is detailed information about the events and initiatives such as the Academic Excellence Exchange (AEE), the Annual Learning and Teaching Conference (ALTC) and the Middlesex UKPSF Recognition Scheme (MURS). The space for each of those events/initiatives offers detailed information with images, resources or videos available where required, as well as links to other tools (e.g. submission dropboxes, feedback tools etc).

These were all previously available via multiple platforms, which were sometimes difficult for staff to find, had different designs and were managed by various members of the team. The Portal uses the Moodle platform, which offers a variety of tools and opportunities for content management and presentation and various options for assessment, feedback among other benefits.

All staff have access to the platform via myUniHub. The content is presented in a visually attractive way and is easy to navigate around.


Current Projects
Middlesex UKPSF Recognition Scheme (MURS)
Learning and Teaching Research and Scholarship Grants
Programme Consultation Team (toolkit development)
Digital Literacies at Middlesex University
The CAPE Research Group
Co-operative Learning and Action Networking Project
CAPE Staff Development Portal
Evaluating the impact of a pedagogical intervention to address LGBTQ diversity in the social work curriculum
Digital Badges for key nursing skills
Bridging Materials