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Selected publications

Brathwaite, B. and Dayananda, A. (2013) ‘Student life - Tapping into technology: Harnessing social media can enhance essential nursing qualities’.Nursing Standard, vol. 28, no.6, p.6. [Online] Available here.

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Selected conference presentations and workshops

Ahmad, J., Dantas, L. (2015) Using My Learning in the Assessment Cycle: How Hard Can It Be? Challenges and Benefits of Using VLEs for Assessment. Middlesex University Annual Teaching and Learning Conference 9th July 2015 – video and presentation slides available here.

Chapman, A., Dantas, L. (2015) Digital Stories - Everyone Has a Story to Tell… ‘Assessing Students Using Digital Stories and Bringing Out Their Creativity. Middlesex Annual Teaching and Learning Conference 2015 – video and presentation slides available here

Chapman, A., Macdonald, K. (2015) Institutional Change: A Driver for Transforming Learning and Teaching, Association for Learning Development in Higher Education (ALDinHE) 2015, 30th March – 1st April 2015 (Middlesex University)

Chilton, S., Macdonald, K. (2014) From Concept to Implementation: Moving from Technology to Delivery, HEA pedagogy conference at Middlesex University, 26 June 2014

MacDonald, K., Minett-Smith, C. (2014) When a Prop Becomes a Hurdle: Effectively Scaffolding the Level 4 Learning Experience. Presentation to the Society for Research into Higher Education, December 2014)

Mimirinis, M. (2014) A review of institutional efforts aimed at enhancing assessment and feedback: elements that matter, PSA/BISA Learning and Teaching Conference: Assessment and Feedback: Rethinking Pedagogic Practice in Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham, 14-15 September.

Hafford-Letchfield, T. and Dayananda, A. (2014) Digital Storytelling. Higher Education Academy (HEA) workshop on “eLearning and Blended Learning: Embedding Social Media in Academic Curricula”. Middlesex University, London, 14th March 2014.

Brathwaite, B. and Dayananda, A. (2014) Lecturers experience of online discussion board teaching and learning. NET Conference 2014.

Macdonald, A. (2014) Co-production in Learning: Learning to Use Filmmaking in Professional Practice, Creative Curriculum: Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2014, Middlesex University, July 10, 2014

Macdonald, A. (2014) Using Video and Storytelling in Teaching and Learning, e-Pedagogy: From Flipped to Global Classroom & MOOC Exploring Technology, Enquiry, and Pedagogy - HEA Conference, Middlesex University, June 26, 2014

MacDonald, K., Chilton., S. (2014) From Concept to Implementation - Moving from Technology to Delivery - ePedagogy, eLearning, and Blended Learning: From Flipped to Global Classroom and MOOCs: Exploring Technology Enquiry and Pedagogy, HEA Event, 26th June 2014

Gallacher, D., and Cunningham, S. (2013- forthcoming) Empowering Bioscience Students to Develop Employability Skills through Volunteering – Voices of Experience. Paper presented at the Annual HEA Conference, Warwick, 3-4 July 2013.

Cunningham, S., and Gallacher, D. (2013) Empowering bioscience students to develop employability skills through volunteering. Paper presented at the HEA STEM Annual Conference, Birmingham, 16-17 April 2013.

Macdonald, K., Kyriakou, O., Kapaya, G. (2013) Accounting Education and Online Distance Education: Is this an Impossible Possibility?, British Accounting & Finance Association (BAFA) Accounting Education SIG, Annual Conference, 13th - 15th May 2013

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Dayananda, A. and Brathwaite, B. (2013) Undergraduate adult nursing students’ experience of an asynchronous online discussion board with synchronous classroom teaching. NET Conference 2013.

Herlihy, M., Dayananda, A., Ryder, A. and Bater, M. (2013) E-Workbooks: Effectiveness of using a blended learning approach for the teaching and learning of undergraduate adult nursing students. Higher Education Academy, Health and Social Care Annual Conference. May 2013. [Online].

Brathwaite, B. and Dayananda, A. (2013) Online discussions; encouraging debate and knowledge construction among nursing students. RCN International Education Conference: Beyond the borders. [online].

Dayananda, A. and Brathwaite, B. (2013) Undergraduate adult nursing students’ experience of an asynchronous online discussion board with synchronous classroom teaching. NET Conference 2013.

Reid, C., Parmar, D., and Chapman, A. (2012) Transforming e-assessment for Learning: Developing an institution wide scaffold. Workshop presented as a part of the Higher Education Academy Workshop and Seminar Series 2012, Middlesex University, 1 May 2012.

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Mimirinis, M. (2012) Perceptions of Employability and the Use of ePortfolios: An Exploratory Study. Proceedings of the Association of Authentic and Experiential Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) 2012 conference, 16-19 July, Boston, MA.

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