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Learning and Teaching Research and Scholarship Grants

This year CAPE is driving enhancement of University teaching practices through a series of Learning and Teaching Research and Scholarship Grants, normally of £4,000–£10,000, for the purpose of evaluating developing practice in one of three aspects of learning and teaching provision:

• Innovative Pedagogy
• Student Engagement
• Digital Literacy

Grants have been awarded to the following projects this year:

Lost Luggage – an Art and Design project in which students are confronted with unexpected and random collections of artefacts and rich data and asked to establish both a problematic enquiry and a relational objective leading to tangible outputs by the end of one week.

Concepts brought to life – an Education project exploring how students engage with social theory in the context of their everyday experiences through mobile digital photography shared via social media.

Systematic Literature Reviews (SLR) tool – aims to improve the existing tool infrastructure and then evaluate the improved tool through its usage by students on Masters Projects in a number of disciplinary areas within the School of Computer Science.

Peer mentoring for outbound exchange – a twelve-month action research project to evaluate the introduction of structured peer mentoring for prospective outbound exchange students at the University.

An investigation into the dialectic of academic teaching identity – aims to explore the development of the academic identity of the participants on the PG Cert HE. Those on this programme are simultaneously students and teachers, which offers a unique insight into the formation and co-production of academic identity.

Free open social learning and its effect on ECG analysis learning – will investigate the effectiveness of social media online learning/teaching networks and modular class-based learning for the interpretation of electrocardiograms (ECG) in year one students. This research will enable us to determine whether year one students (new to learning ECG analysis) respond better to different types of learning.

Living laboratories – aims to develop the University’s green spaces and teaching materials associated with them to establish sustainable teaching spaces that link with existing research interests within the University.

‘Face -to-face’: project pitching to TV industry professionals – Final year students studying TV Production at Middlesex have the opportunity of pitching their Major Project ideas to a panel of BBC commissioning personnel at New Broadcasting House. This project aims to analyse and evaluate the impact of pitching sessions on student learning and achievement.

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