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Programme Consultation Team (toolkit development) – Asanka Dayananda and Tarek Zoubir (CAPE)

The Programme Consultation Team (PCT) is made up of members of CAPE, other services, academics and student consultants across University Schools. Team members collaborate on a Wiki (online collaborative tool)http://proconsult.middlesex.wikispaces.net/Programme+Consultation+Team+Wiki to highlight and share the support their service/School provides for the development and enhancement of programmes in accordance with KPIs, NSS categories and other relevant criteria. The overall purpose is to create an online and paper-based toolkit that can guide programme teams on how they can be supported by the PCT. It is anticipated that this toolkit will also include case study examples.

The Programme Consultation Toolkit will be utilised to work alongside academic colleagues, employing a programme-led approach, to identify opportunities for enhancing teaching and learning practices.

Current Projects
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Programme Consultation Team (toolkit development)
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