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Co-operative Learning and Action Networking Project – Paul Haywood (Middlesex School of Art & Design), John Parkinson (CAPE) and colleagues from Salford University and TUC Union Learn

The CLAN project is a sector-wide, cross-institutional IT innovation initiative with an Open Learning ethos at its heart. Led by A&D Deputy Dean Professor Paul Haywood, the project group is comprised of colleagues from Middlesex University (CAPE and A&D teaching colleagues), Salford University and TUC Union Learn. The project is ongoing and has several potential outputs for the partner institutions, the HE sector and learners from non-traditional backgrounds seeking pathways into formal education. It comprises a mobile evidence collection app (ELLIE), a range of online learning modules designed to capture 360 degree learning (Recognition of Learning from Experience or ROLE modules), and an awarding system based upon the Digital Open Badge system.

A Prezi presentation outlining the ELLIE element of the CLAN Project can be viewed here:

A Middlesex school of Art and Design pilot of the ROLE module system is currently underway, with a specific project around LGBT politics in creative practice serving as an introduction to participation in the digital badge award scheme distributed across four distinct modules (Technical Practices, Research Portfolio, Creative Portfolio, Collaborative Practice). It is anticipated that the predominantly extra-curricular affordances of the system will be opened up to the learners across the school once the pilot has been completed and evaluated in terms of engagement and value to individual learners. Outreach directed toward partner institution involvement is also currently being investigated.

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