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The Academic Development team work closely with academic and support staff to identify and realise learning innovations and opportunities to improve student learning. These opportunities are not limited to e-learning, though this does play an increasing role in many innovations, but include improving conventional learning, teaching and assessment approaches.

The Academic Development team provide support in all aspects of curriculum design, including the integration of learning technologies into learning, teaching and assessment strategies where appropriate. Members of the team are closely aligned with each School in a Business Partnership role, providing regular support and in-school surgeries.

The Academic Development team lead on a number of University projects and innovations and publish and promote this work through a range of communications including the Staff Intranet, MDXPress (the University newsletter), the CAPE Staff Development portal, and the CAPE Wiki. Major projects include the development of the Middlesex UKPSF Recognition Scheme (MURS), hosting the Middlesex University annual Learning and Teaching Conference, the Academic Excellence Exchange (where colleagues can showcase best practice), and hosting the Teaching Fellowship scheme.

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