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The Distance Education (DE) team works closely with programme teams who are developing and teaching online programmes, to provide guidance and support on instructional design and best pedagogic practice. Close collaboration with the teaching teams and programme co-ordinators allows an overview that builds a body of knowledge and expertise. This provides a basis for standards which are shared across programmes and schools, and ensures that distance learners experience an accessible, well-supported and stimulating online environment.

Programme Development
Modules are based around a key text(s), with additional authored content expanding on/contextualising and scaffolding learning experiences using recommended instructional design models.

Teaching teams receive bespoke staff development to ensure they have the skills to successfully author, facilitate, manage and administer online spaces.

An iterative process of development and review, from initial design to module evaluations, where students are encouraged to respond anonymously, feeds into an ongoing cycle of improvement.

A team-based approach is applied from the start, with the teaching team, CAPE, school administrators, Library and Student Support (LSS) and the Learning Enhancement Team (LET) working together to ensure a tailored and supportive learning environment for online distance study.

Students are provided with a consistent online environment (their campus) throughout the programme.

Global Reach

The fully online DE programmes allow for students across the globe to learn together virtually, through a combination of tutor and peer interaction, online learning materials, asynchronous discussions, activities, multimedia, e-books and journals. A range of online facilities and a variety of services provide a network of support for distance study. This provides the flexibility to learn anywhere and at any time on a variety of devices via internet connection.

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