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The CAPE Educational Technology team support the University's staff and students in their application and use of the University's educational technologies. These educational technologies include the My Learning platform, which is based on the latest version of Moodle, and Turnitin, the enhanced assignment drop box tool. Other technologies which the team support include Middlesex Wikis, Adobe Connect/Breeze and Kaltura video.

Working closely with the Academic Development Team, the Educational Technology team's main aim is to enable academic and support staff to become autonomous managers of the online learning experience which they facilitate for the students studying on their courses.

The Educational Technology team work closely with staff and departments within the University including the computing and systems infrastructure team, the programme and module infrastructure team, Academic Registry, Student Records, Student Achievement, Exams Office, Planning Office, Library and Student Support (LSS), UniHelp (the University's personalised help portal), Marketing and PR, and Human Resources Staff Development.

Externally, the team works with the University's educational and technology partners including Moodlerooms, Turnitin, Adobe, Kaltura, and Wikispaces.com.

The team's roles are very wide ranging and mainly centre on ensuring the technologies they support operate to the highest possible standards, are used correctly and to the best educational practices possible to ensure the highest quality learning experience for students. In order to achieve this, the Educational Technology team maintain and develop these systems, solve problems, train, develop and advise academic and support staff, and provide induction to students when required. The team provide online documentation for both staff and student guidance, integrate their support with LSS, UniHelp, and the IT Specialists, and provide second line support to students raising queries at UniHelp.

Providing first line support for academic, technical, research and administrative staff, the Educational Technology team offer training in the best use and application of our technologies, including organised staff development workshops and one-to-one sessions.

For more technical information on the e-learning technologies used at Middlesex University, please see our Staff E-Learning Wiki, or our Student E-Learning Wiki.

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