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Research, presentationsCentre for Academic Practice EnhancementCAPE works collaboratively across the University to support all involved in the student learning journey by helping colleagues in developing effective academic practices, and ensure high-quality student academic experience. We aim to support students’ engagement in their own learning through the delivery of a wide range of staff development opportunities. The support offered covers all aspects of academic practice from curriculum design, assessment through to the creative use of educational technologies.

Our work brings together an appreciation of the external landscape of quality assurance and pedagogic development with the University’s own ethos and ambitions against an understanding and appreciation of disciplinary requirements and differences. CAPE recognises and seeks excellent practice in teaching and supporting learning, showcasing and sharing these activities to the wider University community via the Academic Excellence Exchange or the Annual Learning and Teaching Conference. Learning and teaching is at the forefront of what we do. In addition, we aim to support colleagues in engaging with educational technology both as innovation and enabler where appropriate to the learning and teaching principles. We are committed to working with the broader academic community to support research in developing academic practices and actions employing and evidence based approach.

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