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Wednesday, April 5

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    consider multiple perspectives (staff, students, employers, policy)
    demonstrate evidence and impact
    Submission deadline is 7thhas been extended to 18th April. For
    Please note registration will open during May once the conference programme has been finalised.
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Monday, March 20

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    Teaching Conference, 7th8th September, 20162017
    Middlesex University’s 17th Annual Learning
    Teaching Conference, ‘Unpacking Teaching Excellence’‘Teaching in a Time of Uncertainty’ will take place on Friday 8th September at the Hendon CampusCampus.
    The Conference will consider ‘uncertainty’ in Higher Education, its implications for learning and teaching and the tools we as educators use to navigate this landscape. Underpinning the conference is an appreciation of the rapidly changing HE policy context and its impact
    on Wednesday, 7th September 2016.
    More info
    our teaching practices.
    We will explore practices that aim to take back control in this challenging environment – putting the focus on the growing requirement to capture metrics to drive evidence-backed interventions; the positioning of employability as a measure of learning gain; the opportunities and challenges of technology for teaching and learning; the benefits of diversity and the maintenance of the public responsibilities of universities.
    All staff are encouraged to; attend, debate, share good practice and network, exploring some of the central issues through a series of keynote sessions, workshops, presentations
    and Registration herevirtual posters.
    Call for contributions

    Submissions are invited in the following themes:
    Review/unpackingReviewing/unpacking policy

    Diversity as a resource for student success
    Navigating uncertainty with data
    Technologies for teaching/technologies
    for teaching practice
    Teaching excellence and deep
    Initiatives or innovations that deliver excellence

    in practice (at individual or programme/departmental level)
    Synergies between teaching excellence and employability/self-employability
    ‘Excellence’ engaging (learning) technologies
    The sessions require presenters to consider
    the following in their proposal:
    hourglass: preparing students for lifelong employability
    Submissions are encouraged to:
    consider multiple perspectives (staff, students, employers, policy)
    demonstrate evidence
    and evidence of impact
    Session formats: Workshops

    Submission deadline is 7th April. For more information see
    or symposiums are both 90 minutes long and expected to engage the audience.
    Symposiums are expected to have three short (20 minute) presentations, followed by 30 minutes of discussion. Ideally, contributions
    contact Deeba Gallacher (
    Please note registration
    will come forward as a complete symposium. In the case of incomplete symposiums,open during May once the conference team will attempt to theme presenters.
    We are particularly interested to hear from sessions delivered in collaboration between Schools and/or Services.
    Successful applicants will be notified by the end of March.
    Proposals for successful applications will be added to the conference website prior to the event. These will include the abstract, keywords, outline, the aims of the session, the learning outcomes, plus any references deemed appropriate.
    Review criteria: Each proposal is subjected to peer review from the colleagues across the University against the following criteria:
    Clarity of the proposal
    Originality/innovation of the mode of presentation of the idea/approach
    Implications of the findings for the learning and teaching community
    Anticipated interest
    For information and submissions email Joanne Mullarkey in the Centre for Academic Practice Enhancement (CAPE) by Thursday 3rd March.
    programme has been finalised.
    Past Conferences
    x-Annual Learning and Teaching Conference---Over the years the conference has addressed topics such as creativity, globalisation, digital literacy, student engagement and retention, diversity, assessment and feedback and the role of learning technologies in learning, teaching and assessment.Over the years the conference has addressed topics such as creativity, globalisation, digital literacy, student engagement and retention, diversity, assessment and feedback and the role of learning technologies in learning, teaching and assessment.
    If you would like to find out more about a particular conference, please select the relevant year from the table below where you can find links to the the conference websites and blogs. The blogs contain reports and videos from most of the sessions, session resources and other relevant information.
    Conference Theme
    'Unpacking Teaching Excellence'

    'Revisiting Assessment'
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Monday, November 7

Friday, October 14

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Monday, August 1

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    Bridging Materials Project 2016/17
    The aims of bridging materials are:
    The aims of bridging materials are:
    To aid transition, acting as a stepping stone from the students’ previous experience (school, college, employment) into academic life
    To encourage students to think about their first year of study and how to make the most of this time
    To introduce the students to core support services available including employability
    The Bridging Materials Framework was developed to help academic colleagues in producing the Bridging Materials for students, presented via My Learning. It is divided into three main sections - Your Programme, Your First Year, and Your Employment.
    Project timeline:
    w/c 13th June
    Bridging Materials framework structure communicated with the Programme Leaders in each school
    w/c 13th June
    Your Programme section structure sent to all PL to start collecting/writing necessary information
    Beginning 16th June
    Your Programme section image and content can be embedded onto the Programme (hidden mode) for PL to start editing
    Remaining two sections images linking to the Bridging Materials general platform can be embedded onto My Learning
    From w/c 20th June
    Training drop in sessions available for PL and academic team to upload the content
    (details communicated via CAPE Business Partner)
    27th July
    Deadline for updating Your Programme section
    28th July -
    1st August
    CAPE review of all programme spaces participating in the Bridging Materials project to ensure content is updated
    w/c 1st August
    Any issues reported to the PL by August 15th
    20th August
    Final changes/updates can be made by the PL (confirmation of final version sent to CAPE Business Partner or Luiza Dantas)
    Once the content is finalised the sections can be made visible
    29th August
    Students can access to Programme spaces
    TBC (around 1st Sept)
    Email sent from the University’s Communications Team to all students informing them about the bridging materials
    Evaluation of the effectiveness/access rates starts

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